About Nope Textile Productions

Since the day it was founded, NOPE Textile has been developing itself with the innovations that it has made continuously in the sector, using the latest technologies to increase the quality of products and services, leading the sector with its product diversity and modern curtain understanding.

NOPE, which took place in the sector in 1987, started to serve with its own brand as of 2001 year. Our company has production capacity of 300.000 meters tulle and curtain production with its product range such as Tulle Curtain, Roller Blind, Zebra Curtain and Curtain Accessory Collection.

NOPE Textile is providing Cutting Service to 4,000 points of the world with 1,000,000 meters of stock. Store Curtain , Zebra Curtain and Plicell Curtain Systems can offer customized solutions to their customers. Curtain Accessories will help you to produce excellent results when you are missing or need a change. While performing all these, it is our main priority to be able to offer the best quality and fastest service to our customers.

TULLE, FABRIC; Fabric collection, jacquard curtains, knitted fabrics, brocade curtains, embroidered products, printed curtains and flat tulle, with a rich product range and innovative collection of products serving the fund.

MECHANICAL; Mechanised Curtain Systems has a wide range of products such as rich roller blinds collection, zebra blinds collection, tulle roller blinds collection and silhouette blinds collection. With DijiStor brand, digital printing Mechanic Curtain Systems and Plicell brand and innovative Plise Curtain Systems are presented to our customers liking. We have finished curtain service with vertical curtains and blinds varieties. There are also motorized and controlled options in Mechanizm Curtain Systems.

ACCESSORIES; Accessories group offers rich color and model variety with brochol, flower brooch, pendulum tassel, fringe variety and renso varieties with its own design and innovative products.

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